About the Camp

We in Hultsfred Scout Group has been involved and worked at Hultsfred festival and even now at This is Hultsfred. During these festivals, we thought that it would  be cool to fix a big camp right here in Hultsfred, on the festival ground. After a while of thinking, a decision was taken in the autumn of 2014  that we  run this project. We fix a camp and it should be named  Hultsfred Scoutfestival. So here we are!
The camp is intended to be for all interested scouts regardless of union affiliation. It is a camp for all age groups, i.e. between 8-25 years. Camp time is from 3 July to 9 July.
You will stay in villages of about 50 Scouts and leaders in each.
Firewood will be available but we also appreciate if you can use gas stoves.